Bike Fit


At bicycle our ethos is that the rider always comes first. In bike fitting results are achieved by adhering to rule of thumb.

All sessions are carried out on our fitting jig. This state of the art piece of equipment measures hypothetical speed, heart rate, cadence, power and left/right balance as well as being almost infinitely adjustable dynamically (while the rider is pedalling) 

We use high definition video analysis software to film you at 30 frames per second from both sides as well as the front and rear to compare pre and post fit positions. We take pressure mapping readings from the saddle and ask you specific targeted questions. This is where we are truly different - gaining a more intimate understanding of your interaction with the bike. This part of our bike fit protocol collates information that a system or motion capture algorithm doesn’t. 

A pressure mapping system can give you an incredible amount of information surrounding how pressure is distributed through the saddle but it cannot tell you how a rider is feeling. We have seen riders presenting a near “perfect” pressure mapping result yet the rider is still in pain - technology is nothing without a good brain behind it. 




To best understand where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be. The interview is the “meet and greet” of the session. Have a coffee or a soft drink on us and we’ll get you settled in a comfy to discuss injury a rider’s limitations, injury history, discomforts experienced on the bike and what their expected outcome of the session is.

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Physical Assessment

In order to understand a rider’s limitations on the bike one needs a reasonable understanding of a their physiology. We carry out a standing evaluation, assessing the way you stand, your foot posture/stability, spinal posture, differences in muscle bulk and any asymmetries present in the body. Next a “range of motion” examination is carried out assessing hamstring, quads, glutes and hips. We check for a leg length discrepancy as well as assessing your feet. Bike measurements - we take accurate measurements of your bike which are then transferred over to the jig

Bike Measurements

We will take specific measurements from your bike in order to “mimic” your position on our jig. We then begin the analysis process.

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Foot Activation

The single most overlooked and misunderstood part of bike fitting is the foot/shoe/pedal interface. Unfortunately it also the most important part of your fit. The foot is the foundation of the fit - it’s where all the power goes! Or doesn’t as the case so often is! Your shoes will be checked for correct fit, we will assess cleat location, arch support and wedging both inside and outside of the shoe where needed. We have found using the latest saddle pressure mapping technology that saddle pressure can be reduced by up to 50% by simply administering arch support, getting saddle issues? Go figure!


Positional Interventions

Once your feet have been stabilised we can begin making changes to your position. Saddle height and setback are optimised as well as reach and handlebar drop. We will assess optimum handlebar width, crank length and saddle choice. All of these changes are made using the latest saddle pressure mapping and video analysis software, drawing footage from four cameras - front, back, left and right in order to achieve a true 360 degree understanding of your position.

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Bike Set Up

The final part of the session is to transfer the findings from the jig back on to your bike. If you are considering a new bike then we can make recommendations based on the findings. Rest assured, we remain brand agnostic and happily fit any brand or style of bike. If you are still having issues following a bike fit with us, we will treat you for free until those problems are corrected* *This is available only provided that the optimum position can be replicated and all necessary changes needed are made.


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