The Full Works

The Full Works

We offer a range of service packages, with fast turnaround.

The Full Works is our General Service but your bicycle will be fully stripped and includes deep clean of frame, forks and components

- it is typically recommended every 12 months.

The Full Works package is the ultimate overhaul - ideal for that once a year pampering before the bike is put away for the end of the season, or to thoroughly deep clean a bike that's maybe been neglected a bit.

*Please note service prices are exclusive of parts

Drivetrain checked for wear
Brake pads checked for wear
Tyres checked for wear
Rims checked for wear
Frame and fork alignment checked
Frame and fork cleaned & polished
Wheels trued
Gears adjusted
Brakes adjusted
Headset checked and adjusted
Seatpost removed, cleaned and greased
All bolts torqued to manufacturer's settings
Bottom bracket removed and degreased
Drivetrain degreased and re-lubricated
Headset serviced
Hubs serviced
Frame and fork polished

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We offer a range of service packages, with fast turnaround. Bikes grow more popular each day and therefore so does the need for servicing, which is why we need to book your bike in to do it’s service allowing us to manage our customers as efficiently as possible. 

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Bicycle Fitting

Bicycle Fitting

Why get a bicycle fitting? Time to buy that new bicycle? We simply cannot imagine buying a new bicycle without getting a professional bike fitting as part process. Every bicycle that leaves our shop starts off with a bike fitting, whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

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Bike Box Hire

Bike Box Hire

We have four bike boxes available to hire. To hire your bike box please use our booking form. When booking over two weeks of rental, customers will receive two free inner tubes for their travels. Each additional day over the booking is charged at £7 per day.

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