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New Bicycle Fit & Consultation

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New Bicycle Fit & Consultation

The Process

Rider Interview
Discuss your injury history, physical complaints while riding, riding experience and goals.

One of the tools we use is a Retül Müve jig to calculate your optimum position. Our expert interpretation of of this data enables us to identify the best bike for your individual needs.


New Bicycle Fit & ConsultationPostural and movement assessment
Identify any tightness, weaknesses and structural asymmetries. This may highlight further areas that can be improved with dedicated physiotherapy, pedaling technique or cycling strength and conditioning sessions.

Additional positions
Assess and adjust the cleat position, footbeds, shoes size and shape, saddle position, handlebar and grip position.



Model recommendations
​At the end of the fit we will recommend specific models which will suit you best, and any adaptations required to make them fit perfectly.

You can use the fit measurements to buy a bike anywhere, we want you to get the maximum from your fit and thus offer 10% off all shoes, clothing, helmets and accessories ordered during the session.

When you buy your bicycle from us we will make all the necessary adjustments to ensure it fits you perfectly, including swapping the stock stem, seatpost and handlebars for the ideal size, if required. The cost of this fit covers the initial in-store session and support to help you through every step of purchasing your dream bicycle.

standard booking



We offer a range of service packages, with fast turnaround. Bikes grow more popular each day and therefore so does the need for servicing, which is why we need to book your bike in to do it’s service allowing us to manage our customers as efficiently as possible. 

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Bicycle Fitting

Bicycle Fitting

Why get a bicycle fitting? Time to buy that new bicycle? We simply cannot imagine buying a new bicycle without getting a professional bike fitting as part process. Every bicycle that leaves our shop starts off with a bike fitting, whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

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