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We are very excited to introduce LOOK to bicycle Richmond. LOOK is bicycle brand that we have been considering over the past few years due to it's innovation and integrated component designs.
LOOK is responsible for two of modern cycling’s greatest innovations: It produced the first clipless pedals, which helped Bernard Hinault win his fifth Tour de France in 1985 and it produced the first carbon bike to win the  Tour de France  in 1986 with Greg LeMond riding.


LOOK 785 Huez RS    

Look 785 jalabert

With a SRAM RED eTap build the LOOK 785 Huez RS can weigh as little as 5.9kg, almost a kilo under the UCI weight limit. The Fortuneo team have to add ballast to their bikes up to the mandatory 6.8kg – its frame weighs just 730g.  It’s on the climbs where the 785 RS really excels. The tubes are made from multiple layers of carbon-fibre a hundredth of a millimetre thick, seven different types of carbon are used. 

LOOK says it also developed the 785 Huez for regular cyclists and lovers of long-distance riding and there’s plenty built in for sportives and gran fondos. Unlike some pro bikes, the LOOK doesn’t beat you up – it’s as good for easier-paced all-day riding as it is for aggressive, all-out hill sprints.

It might appear slightly more traditional in its appearance than some of the brand’s past, more idiosyncratic, designs but it is a super-sophisticated, state of the art frame.


LOOK 795 Aerolight RS

look 795 Coureur Fortuneo Vital Concept

The aesthetics of the LOOK 795's highly integrated designs continues to divide opinion.  The new 795 Light RS is said to be exactly 11.7% “more aerodynamic” than a LOOK 695. In real terms, LOOK claims that this adds up to a 1 minute and 14 second saving over a 100km track.   The new Zed crankset is a work of art. It’s made as a monocoque, with the two arms, the axle and the fairing all one piece.

LOOK 695

look 695 vuelta 2011

LOOK made it clear that efficiency and integration were the buzz-words with the 695, a number of new components and technologies developed specifically. The radical 695 was quick to achieve universal acclaim for both its modernist style and industrial design. It is still eye-catching

Using what’s called ‘Multi-Process Hot Moulding,’ the French-made 695 frame combines LOOK’s monocoque and lug-frame knowledge to create a frame reliant on a specific, continuous-fibre orientation that maximizes the dynamics of the resin- and cloth-construction process

look 3piece crank set

As much as the frame has going for itself, what sets the LOOK apart from virtually every other bike on the market is its reliance on system-designed components. Cannondale was an early adopter of a ‘systems’ concept back in the ’90s, but with LOOK's Zed 2 cranks, Head Fit headset, HSC 7 fork, E-post, C-stem and carbon-sprung Keo pedals, the high-end French bike offers the largest palette of proprietary parts of any bike sold today

There’s no mistaking that it’s a pure race bike. It’s light, responsive, agile and incredibly stiff, yet without ever feeling nervous or impatient. The geometry doesn’t force you into an extreme position

LOOK 765

look 765 mon

LOOK is targeting the sportive market with its new 765, a bike with endurance geometry and comfort features built into the frame. LOOK says that the 765 was derived from the brand’s 695

LOOK has compared the vibration damping of the flax fibre to a pure carbon tube and said that it helped to reduce vibrations transmitted to the rider. The flax can be seen as a brown layer through the clear lacquer applied to the frame. Flax is also used to reduce vibration in some aerospace and motorsport composites. It’s a similar concept to other manufacturers’ attempts to smooth out a bike’s ride quality through the inclusion of specific material inside the frame, most notably Bianchi’s Infinito CV. 

LOOK’s entry into the endurance bike category is a powerful salvo against the competition. The 765 has the higher riding position designed to make longer rides more comfortable, but without sacrificing the performance for which LOOK’s bikes are known. The frame and fork do well to help mitigate high-frequency road chatter.  It’s a well-balanced sportive bike with a performance edge and its Mondrian colour scheme certainly stands out among the sportive bike competition.

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