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What is there to love about bike commuting?

cycling commuter

  1. It’s quicker than driving.
  2. Quiet time to yourself at the beginning and end of my day.
  3. No traffic jams. Well, there are bike jams on occasion, but they are minimal.
  4. It saves  money, by not paying for fuel and wear and tear on the car 

Bike Commuting Basics -  If for some reason you choose to commute another way to work, you will miss that time on your bike. It can be a meditation of sorts. It gets your circulation moving. The crisp autumnal air wakes you up. By the time you arrive at work you are refreshed and ready for the day. 

Benefits of Bike Commuting for the Community:

  1. Reduced air pollution
  2. Reduced energy consumption
  3. Reduced noise pollutionReduced road wear
  4. Reduced demand for parking 
  5. Cycling and walking reduce levels of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

The downsides of bike commuting?

  1. You may completely forget where you left your car, unless you are lucky enough to be able to park outside your home.
  2. People who drive cars and try to hit you..... 

Bike Commuting Basics - London commuting should be a no brainer. It’s a win-win situation, except for the one thing bike commuters should be aware of – accidents. It is on you, the commuter, to be as safe as possible. Follow the traffic rules like other road users. Don’t wear dark clothing at night. Have the proper lights on the front and rear of your bike and, wear a helmet!
Getting involved in an accident may be inevitable, but you, can do a lot through awareness and preparation to keep bike commuting fun and safe for yourself.

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Tips for tubeless Tyres

1. Rim Tape

tubeless rim tape

Air must be prevented from escaping through the spoke holes in the rim, for a tubeless set-up to work

Manufacturers such as Mavic will have a tubeless ready rim, rendering the use of tape redundant.

If your new wheels are not tubeless ready, tape will need to be applied,each brand has it's own specific tape.  However if you are pushed a strong adhesive tape such as Gorilla tape will suffice.

2. Tubeless Valve

tubeless vlaves

Tubeless valves will have to be installed to inflate your tyres.

These are inserted into the valve hole in the rim from the tyre side and then tightened with a threaded collar on the hub side to create an airtight seal.

You may need to poke the valve through the rim tape when installing it.

3. Sealant

TUBELESS sealant

Some wheels will come supplied with sealant, some tyre brands recommend specific sealants to be used with their tyres. 

The basic ingredient is laytex, this allows any small holes or pinch punctures to be sealed

It is a messy job, but pour ~100ml of sealant into the tyre before fitting the last section of bead onto the rim.

4. Inflation

This is the difficult part.....use the right equipment and the difficult job is made all the easier.   

Pumping furiously with a track pump occasionally works on low volume tyres - but really this is a hit or miss affair.  Buy yourself a proper track pump for the job.  Do not be tempted to use co2 cartridges as this can affect the sealant.

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