Part 3: How to descend like a Pro

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descend like a pro

4. Plant your weight on your outside foot.

To corner safely, you need your center of gravity to remain over your tyres and your weight distributed appropriately across both wheels. With your body weight planted on the pedal facing the outside of the corner, you’re increasing the traction your tyres have on the road. You can’t be tentative about this; press your weight onto the outside foot.

5. Learn to Read the Road

If you can get used to reading the signs along the road it will help you with your descending; hedge rows, telephone poles etc. The more you descend, the better you’ll get at recognising the signs. You can predict where the bends will come by looking at the profile of the hills ahead of you. In the same way, you can also use the tree-line to predict what will happen next.
Be mindful of hazards and interpret what’s around the corner. Just because you recognise these hazards, doesn’t mean immediately killing your speed, it just puts you in the right mindset to respond more quickly should such an obstacle arise.

6. Getting Your Bike Set Up Right

Having a bike that is properly maintained and set up will do wonders for your descending, not just from a practical point of view, but from a mental one as well. Having full confidence in your brakes is imperative, but having your bars correctly positioned and your seat at the right height will also play a big role in helping you descend at speed.

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