Existing Bike Fit

Existing Bicycle Fit

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The Process

Existing Bicycle FitRider Interview
Discuss your injury history, physical complaints while riding, riding experience and goals.

We measure your current position to know where we started and record the body angles, posture and pedaling technique.

Postural and movement assessment
Identify any tightness, weaknesses and structural asymmetries. This may highlight further areas that can be improved with dedicated physiotherapy, pedaling technique or cycling strength and conditioning sessions.

Additional positions
Assess and adjust the cleat position, footbeds, shoes size and shape, saddle position, handlebar and grip position.

Retül Zinn scan
Once the fitting is finished, the final position is scanned with the Retül Zinn tool and a PDF document with the measurements is produced for you to keep.

Adjustments and advice
If you need to change your bars, stem, seatpost, saddle or any other components to achieve the perfect position, we will advise on the most suitable options. We keep a wide range of components in stock to suit all budgets. There's no hard sell, we tell you what size you need, and our workshop can fit the parts if you choose to buy them from us.

Please note any orthotics/insoles or parts needed to complete the fit are an additional cost.


To help and aid you in your development in cycling and overall fitness we offer personal training sessions with our fully qualified bike fit specialist and personal trainer Scott Leahy, whether you are signed up for an event, looking to lose weight, build muscle, are recovering from an injury or are just simply looking to be fitter and healthier we can help you, please ask for details during your bike fitting with Sc

Personal Training

Personal Training

After many enquiries here at Bicycle Richmond we have decided to offer sports specific training packages. They are tailor made to the client and event, while offering overall fitness, nutritional advice, flexibility, strength, endurance fitness and total support.

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Bike Box Hire

Bike Box Hire

We have four bike boxes available to hire. To hire your bike box please use our booking form. When booking over two weeks of rental, customers will receive two free inner tubes for their travels. Each additional day over the booking is charged at £7 per day.

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