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Bike fitting has entered public awareness over the last few years. Unfortunately this has led to a few myths surrounding how it should truly be carried out.

Bike fitting has been adopted by many as a means of “prescriptive selling” - measure the feet to sell a shoe, measure the sit bones to sell a saddle, you see where we’re going with this?

Bike fitting’s true meaning should be the removal of a rider’s need to compensate.

At bicycle we have begun to adopt a more holistic and clinical approach to bike fitting - looking at the bigger picture rather than simply adhering to rule of thumb. Our approach is to observe dysfunction within a rider’s interaction with the bike then seek to remove it.
An example of this dysfunction might be to excessively point the toes through the bottom of the stroke as a result of an excessive saddle height or to carry too much weight on the hands because the reach to the handlebars is too far.

Bike fit can be used to overcome a multitude of ailments commonly experienced while out riding. These include but are not limited to : neck and shoulder discomfort, elbow pain, numb hands, low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, muscle cramping,

We are ingraining bike fitting throughout our whole business. With fit influencing the brands we stock so that we can provide our customers with a product that is genuinely suitable for them.

At bicycle we have now adopted a “fit first, buy later” mentality - the adage of our resident fitter James. This attitude puts the rider at the centre of focus, understanding their specific physiological needs and requirements.

Our bike fit sessions are genuinely tailored to the individual. Each client is carefully considered in an interview to gather information on their injury/trauma history, what they’d like to achieve from the fit and any discomforts that may arise on the bike.

Do we discount fit?

No, we do not ever discount our fitting services. A bike fit is not compulsory in order for you to buy a bike from us. We will guide you through a thorough sizing on our bike sizing jig but the only way to be absolutely sure on a good fit is to go through one of our sessions.


Bicycle Richmond are your bike specialists in London delivering sales, bicycle fitting, workshop services, personal training, and full support!

Bicycle Fit Follow up Fit
RIDER INTERVIEW: discuss your injury history, physical complaints while riding, riding experience and goals.

POSTURAL AND MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT: identify any tightness, weaknesses and structural asymmetries. This may highlight further areas that can be improved with dedicated physiotherapy, pedaling technique or cycling strength and conditioning sessions.

CUSTOM FOOTBED: We will assess whether you’d benefit from custom footbeds* (insoles) as part of the bike fit process. We also offer this as a separate, stand-alone service. *The footbeds are an additional cost

CLEAT ALIGNMENT: We look at shoe cleat alignment as part of the bike fit process, and will make any necessary adjustments. However, we also offer this as a separate service, ideal if you’re changing to a different brand of pedals or buying new shoes. NB: Cleat alignment is only available to customers who have already had a bike fit with us at Bespoke.

SADDLE RECOMMENDATION: Based on your postural assessment, we will recommend a choice of saddles. Demo saddles can be taken for a trial before making a commitment.

ADJUSTMENTS AND ADVICE if you need to change your bars, stem, seatpost, saddle or any other components to achieve the perfect position we will advise on the most suitable options We keep a wide range in stock to suit all budgets.

MODEL RECOMMENDATIONS at the end of the fit we will recommend specific models which will suit you best, and any adaptations required to make them fit perfectly. This is done using our very own proprietary app.

PERSONALISED ADJUSTMENTS when you buy your bike from us we will make all the necessary adjustments to ensure it fits you perfectly, including swapping the stock stem, seatpost, handlebars and saddle for the ideal size, if required, at no extra charge.

ONGOING SUPPORT the cost covers the initial in-store session, plus unlimited email/phone, support.    


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Cycle To Work Scheme Cycle To Work Scheme Cycle To Work Scheme


Save up to 50% off a new bike with Cycle to Work Scheme.
To promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution, the 1999 Finance Act introduced an annual tax exemption, which allows employers to loan cycles and cyclists' safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. The exemption, known as the Cycle to Work Scheme was one of a series of measures introduced under the Government's Green Transport Plan.

Administration of this scheme can be carried out by your employer or by one of the many companies that offer to act as administrator, the biggest being Cyclescheme. Bicycle Richmond are affiliated to Cyclescheme, the Bike2Work scheme , Halfords Cycle2work. These Cycle to Work scheme administrators issue you with a Certificate, once authorised by your employer, that can be exchanged for a bike and any safety equipment at Bicycle Richmond. 

Your employer needs to be registered with one of the above Cycle to Work schemes. They can find out how to do this from information on one of the Cycle to Work Scheme websites (see above).

Visit Bicycle Richmond, choose the bike and, if required, safety equipment and get a quotation.

You apply for a Certificate online using the relevant Cycle to Work Scheme website. Your employee will usually sign an online Hire Agreement at this time.

Once approved, a Certificate will be issued to either your employer or directly to you, whichever is requested.

The Certificate is then redeemed at Bicycle Richmond in exchange for the bike package. Salary sacrifice then commences over the hire period (usually 12 months).

At the end of the hire period the owner of the bike may choose to offer the employee ownership of the bike for a full market value.

Although the above procedure applies to the vast majority of schemes there are some variations which are a result of the way an employer’s scheme is set up, typical examples would be if they are using a finance company or a benefits provider.

Sale bikes are subject to a 10% of voucher total charge. Eg: a sale bike purchased with a £1000 voucher will be subject to a £100 charge.



We offer a range of service packages, with fast turnaround. Bikes grow more popular each day and therefore so does the need for servicing, which is why we need to book your bike in to do it’s service allowing us to manage our customers as efficiently as possible. 

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Bicycle Fitting

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Bike Box Hire

We have four bike boxes available to hire. To hire your bike box please use our booking form. When booking over two weeks of rental, customers will receive two free inner tubes for their travels. Each additional day over the booking is charged at £7 per day.

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