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Time to buy that new bicycle? We simply cannot imagine buying a new bicycle without getting a professional bike fitting as part process.

Every bicycle that leaves our shop starts off with a bike fitting, whether you are a beginner just starting out or a hardened veteran looking for their next super bike, our bike fitting process ensures that the frameset and all the contact points are perfectly dialled in, even if it's an off-the-shelf bike from one of our mainstream brands then we will happily change whatever is necessary (handlebars, stem, seatpost, even saddle) to ensure the perfect fit.

Do you already own a bicycle and are not sure it is set up correctly? The investment you make in a bike fitting with us is the single best investment you can make in your cycling efficiency, comfort, performance, injury prevention and ultimately your enjoyment in the sport.

Continually we see shops forcing incorrect sized bicycles onto people and expecting the rider to accommodate the bike. The whole point of bike fitting is to turn that around – We get the bicycle to fit you, we will not only be able to tell you not only what type of bicycle suits you best but even model and brand. To do this we need to understand you, your body, your sporting history and your goals whether they be cycling or fitness in general. We also understand that the body does not exist in a vacuum – it is a dynamic process and you will gain or lose weight, fitness, core strength and flexibility over time. So a bike fitting needs to understand that your position may also evolve over time, we simply do not just create a bicycle that is perfect for your body now, we look for a bicycle that will be optimal in the future.


Bicycle Richmond are your bike specialists in London delivering sales, bicycle fitting, workshop services, personal training, and full support!

New Bike Fit Existing Bike Fit
RIDER INTERVIEW: discuss your injury history, physical complaints while riding, riding experience and goals.

POSTURAL AND MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT: identify any tightness, weaknesses and structural asymmetries. This may highlight further areas that can be improved with dedicated physiotherapy, pedaling technique or cycling strength and conditioning sessions.

CUSTOM FOOTBED: We will assess whether you’d benefit from custom footbeds* (insoles) as part of the bike fit process. We also offer this as a separate, stand-alone service. *The footbeds are an additional cost

CLEAT ALIGNMENT: We look at shoe cleat alignment as part of the bike fit process, and will make any necessary adjustments. However, we also offer this as a separate service, ideal if you’re changing to a different brand of pedals or buying new shoes. NB: Cleat alignment is only available to customers who have already had a bike fit with us at Bespoke.

SADDLE RECOMMENDATION: Based on your postural assessment, we will recommend a choice of saddles. Demo saddles can be taken for a trial before making a commitment.

3D MAPPING: one of the tools we use is a Retül Müve jig to calculate your optimum position. Our expert interpretation of of this data enables us to identify the best bike for your needs.

ADJUSTMENTS AND ADVICE if you need to change your bars, stem, seatpost, saddle or any other components to achieve the perfect position we will advise on the most suitable options We keep a wide range in stock to suit all budgets.

RETÜL ZINN SCAN when the fitting is finished, the final position is scanned with the Retül Zinn tool and a PDF document with the measurements is produced for you to keep. We will also keep your details on record.

MODEL RECOMMENDATIONS at the end of the fit we will recommend specific models which will suit you best, and any adaptations required to make them fit perfectly. This is done using our very own proprietary app.

CREDITED COST The fit data can be usd to buy a bike anywhere, but a credit will be put against any bicycle purchased from us.

PERSONALISED ADJUSTMENTS when you buy your bike from us we will make all the necessary adjustments to ensure it fits you perfectly, including swapping the stock stem, seatpost, handlebars and saddle for the ideal size, if required, at no extra charge.

ONGOING SUPPORT the cost covers the initial in-store session, plus unlimited email/phone, support.    


We offer a range of service packages, with fast turnaround. Bikes grow more popular each day and therefore so does the need for servicing, which is why we need to book your bike in to do it’s service allowing us to manage our customers as efficiently as possible. 

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Bicycle Fitting

Bicycle Fitting

Why get a bicycle fitting? Time to buy that new bicycle? We simply cannot imagine buying a new bicycle without getting a professional bike fitting as part process. Every bicycle that leaves our shop starts off with a bike fitting, whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

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Bike Box Hire

Bike Box Hire

We have four bike boxes available to hire. To hire your bike box please use our booking form. When booking over two weeks of rental, customers will receive two free inner tubes for their travels. Each additional day over the booking is charged at £7 per day.

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