Bike Box Instructions

Bike Box Instructions

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Bike Box InstructionsBikebox Alan is the solution to transporting your bike, stylishly and safe by air. Constructed in specialised robust plastic formulated by Alan himself. Bikebox offers class leading crush, tear and abrasion resistance.

Bikebox is suitable for mountain bikes, downhill bikes, road, time trial, track and integrated seat post bikes for riders up to 6ft 3in tall with the bare minimum of component removal.

  • Lockable.
  • Includes: Foam packaging and straps.
  • Conforms with latest baggage handling restrictions.
  • Roof rack mountable.
  • Easy glide silent wheels.


Will Bike Box Fit In My Car ?
Due to clever geometry the Bike box alan appears small, when compared to bike bags and rectangular bike boxes; Yet it can accommodate the biggest I S P ( Integrated seat post) Bikes.

As you will see from the photos transporting the bike box in your car should not present too many problems. We also have experience of putting 2 boxes, 2 cabin sized back packs, 2 average sized soft cases and 2 people in a Golf Polo (the second smallest VW)

Bike Box InstructionsBelow is a 2010 BMW 3 Series with 3 doors. As you can see one box fits in comfortably with the rear seat folded.


  • Bike box. Max height 92cm
  • Min height 75cm x 113cm
  • Long x 23cm min to 32cm Thickness.
  • Weight 11.2 Kg.

If you are transporting your bike by Plane or courier. We always average out the dimensions, which usually results in a cheaper price. Use 80 Height x 90 Long x 30 Thickness.


Instructions To Pack Bike Box

Bike Box Instructions

  • Remove pedals.
  • Deflate wheels completely and fix into lid of Bikebox using wheel skewers.
  • Remove seat pillar and release shock pressure (where applicable).
  • Remove handlebar stem.
  • Secure frame into Bikebox (Chain set adjacent to hinge and chain set facing away from you).

Having the bike professionally secured within the box plays a significant role in keeping the bike and its components free from damage; our competitors generally ignore this fact relying on the rider to hopefully wrap and protect his bike themselves.Experience and painstaking development at Bikebox has generated a means of transporting your bike that no other manufacturer can match.

Road Bikes – forks stay in place, Head tube Velcro straps are usually passed through frame and top of forks. Secure handlebars with small Velcro strap.
Mountain Bikes – sometimes forks have to be removed. Place forks and handlebars into available straps. Bars and forks can share the same Velcro strap. Larger forks may have to fit under the frame.

  • Secure seat pin/seat and crash hat into available Velcro straps.
  • Lay foam sheet over bike – check closure.
  • Install anti crush pole – spokes may need adjusting to allow alignment.
  • Off you go!


Technical Bike Box In Detail

  • The bike box is manufactured in specialised robust plastic. A highly durable plastic that will not crack or splinter.
  • Rival manufacturers boxes and bags use a variety of fragile plastic toggle catches and zips / straps to hold the sides together. Bike box believe in longevity choosing robust serviceable steel catches.
  • The most vulnerable part of any style of case is usually the wheels. Bike box use robust twin bearing rubber bound wheels. Mounted on energy absorbing rubber pads to ensure silky smooth, quiet operation. .The bike box is designed for smooth surfaces and trouble free operation, with the added unique advantage that the wheels, unlike our rivals, have serviceable nuts and screws to facilitate removal in the event of damage.
  • Bikebox is one of the few manufacturers that can cater for the 6ft 2in rider with integrated seat post. Straps are provided to accommodate the bike. Usually by removing the seat top section of the slide over post. Taller riders may have to remove the chain set.


Facts! What You Need To Know!

  • If your bike is damaged by the baggage handlers the maximum pay out for the total claim is £900.
  • Baggage manglers, constrained by time restraints, and a less than

sympathetic appreciation of the value of your steed, receives the bikes at the top of the conveyor, he then literally ‘skims’ the bikes in there boxes and bags in what ever order they receive them, to his colleagues up or down the baggage hold, they are then stacked 5 to 6 high, there is no time or desire to put the stronger boxes to the bottom of the pile, so the bottom bag or box will have at least 70 to 80kg resting on it.

This is information obtained from a baggage handler and is not mere speculation. Bike box alan is the only lightweight box that does not compress even when stood on. Further more, it is the only box manufacturer that dare record on film the box loaded with a £3000 Colnago carbon bike that is thrown out of a speeding car, which resulted in no damage to the bike and only superficial scratches to the box. Bike box is designed and made in the UK by a life long traveling Ex International racing Cyclist with advanced engineering qualifications. Bike box, we believe, is the safest and most cost effective way of transporting your bike by air in style.

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Bike Box Hire

Bike Box Hire

We have four bike boxes available to hire. To hire your bike box please use our booking form. When booking over two weeks of rental, customers will receive two free inner tubes for their travels. Each additional day over the booking is charged at £7 per day.

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